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Our Rags to Riches Game is a multiplayer experience

Our Rags to Riches Game is a multiplayer experience

What is a Web Game?

A Web Game is a browser-based game (also known as a PBBG – persistent browser-based game) that run on the customer’s computer, smartphone, or tablet using a browser app like Safari, Chrome etc. The ‘persistent’ part means that the game remembers information about your game play – like score, stats, health, items collected etc.

Web Games have come a along way. Remember Pac Man back in the day?! You’d play Pac Man for 3 minutes, then die, then start all over again. Web Games don’t necessarily do that anymore. Web Games can save your progress, and let you come back anytime and play – regardless of what device you’re playing on (laptop, smartphone or tablet).

There are many different styles of Web Games:

  • Shooter
  • Side-scroller
  • RPG (roly-playing game)
  • and more…

But these Web Games all have the same thing in common – interact with the player and save their information as they play the game.

What can be different about Web Games, is that they can advertise via the game, also known as ‘appvertising’ – and this occurs in a number of ways:

  • in-game ads
  • in-game purchases
  • social sharing
  • and more…

Now that we’ve defined what a Web Game is, let’s talk about how it can benefit you as a company.

Why does my Business need a Web Game?

Imagine that your company sells shoes, and you have a Web Game created to promote your business. An example of this Web Game could be ‘Shoe Fairy Wars’ where players can each be their own Shoe Fairy character, run about a virtual world, stealing shoes from other unsuspecting players, earning points for each successful attempt. When a player earns a certain number of points, they can unlock bonus game content, or upgrade their Fairy character, etc – and it enhances their game experience.

Example: I quickly put together this Simon-Says game to show how simple a game can be. Imagine if this was multiplayer, with sounds, animation, bonus levels etc.

Where’s the advertising in all this, you say? The player could go to the virtual game store and spend the points they’ve earned – and they could even redeem their points for digital purchases (using QR codes) on your web site, or find printable coupons via your web site. Now the Web Game has given them actual value and thus, making it more than ‘just another game’.

Web Game Examples

Our Web Games have evolved since the early 2000s. Purely browser-based games, we are working on new platforms for mobile devices, and adding in ‘appvertising’ modules to our games. These game examples below are from our current game engines – to showcase that we can build games for many styles. Our favorites are role-playing!

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