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Here’s our list of current Web Apps & Web Tool Projects

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What are Web Apps?

Web Apps are micro-sized web sites that connect people and perform some sort of function.  Web Apps are made for many reasons, some for fun, some for collecting information, some for sharing information – and the list goes on…

Web Apps can be embedded right into your website, usually using a small window – called a frame. Web Apps can also be loaded onto smartphones using a QR code (like a bar code for your smartphone) which can allow people to quickly load your Web App on their smartphone and interact with it.

Open your smartphone's scanner app and use it on this QR code to load our demo recipe app

Open your smartphone’s scanner app and use it on this QR code to load our demo recipe app. Password: 1234

Most Web Apps are tools, which allow people to interact, pass the time – games, or shop online.  Our Web Apps, depending on the project, vary from games, information collection, or promoting products/services and special offers.

Why does my Business need a Web App?

A Web App is another way to bring your business to the technology fore-front.  Allow your customers, or prospective customers, to interact with you and provide their information and habits/opinions to you. Web Apps are usually free for the customer to view and interact with. Some Web Apps can allow customers to earn points as a form of currency to use in-store, or online (depending on your business, and marketing preferences).

Wouldn’t it be great to have a QR code available on your marketing materials that suddenly makes your rack card a 3D, fully interactive marketing tool? A Web App for your business can do that, and much more.

Web Sites, for the most-part, are 2D brochures for your customer. You can add ‘widgets’ or extra bits of functionality to your website, which can act like a Web App. The problem is your customer needs to be on your website in order to interact with these widgets. If you have a Web App, all you need is a QR code placed anywhere you can think of – on your company vehicle, business card, rack card, stickers, bumper stickers – anywhere – and the customer can instantly have access to your Web App, interact with it, provide you information about themselves (shopping/buying/browsing habit or demographics).

Interested? Ask us how a Web App for your business can change how you do business. Get more information on Web Apps