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Domain Registration

Every website needs a domain name.  We use Godaddy to purchase all our domain names. Godaddy has a great account system for managing your domain names. Buying a domain starts at just $12 (we don’t mark up the price, so we can pass the savings along to you).

Website Hosting

Web hosting is the backbone of every website. We’ve used our hosting provider for web hosting for over 10 years. Fast, friendly support – available online chat… they are too easy to love! All our hosting accounts are just $100/yr and come with:

  • unlimited email addresses
  • unlimited disk space
  • unlimited bandwidth

Website Development

Yes… we do websites. But we don’t just do any website, we do WordPress websites. What’s WordPress? Is an amazing open-source tool (meaning it’s heavily supported by 1000s of contributors and developers, and free for us to use – no licensing).  WordPress allows you to manage your content, images, run a blog, post to Twitter/Facebook – the sky is the limit when it comes to using a WordPress website.

No more paying a developer to change your phone number – just log in and change it yourself (or if you really want to pay me to do it…).  WordPress has ‘plugins’ or add-ons like photo galleries, calendars, Twitter feed, and the list goes on. There’s so much you can do, and so little – if you want. WordPress is in short – a great, heavily supported framework to build your website on.

Some recent clients include:




WordPress Website Development & Programming

WordPress is a PHP-based website system that allows customers to manage their own content. You can create a website or blog, add media (PDF files, images, videos), photo galleries, connect to Twitter or Facebook – the sky is the limit!

Some customers also want their WordPress website to be customized, either by adding plugins (WordPress extensions that allow more functionality to your website), or custom PHP programming that will enhance their existing WordPress website. Ask us how!

PHP Programming

Once customers have a website, they tend to want other systems – like shopping carts, photo galleries, contact forms, registration systems etc – and these sometimes need to be custom programmed. We specialize in PHP (10 years+) and many, many systems out there are built using PHP. PHP is free, there’s no licensing – so there’s no additional costs for you.

mySQL databases

When you have a website, like WordPress, or a web system written in PHP – you tend to need a database to hold all your data. Let’s say you have a shopping cart. You need somewhere to hold your categories, item information and pricing right? You also need somewhere to hold you customer information, what they ordered as well. This is where mySQL databases come into play – and I’ll leave it at that, I don’t want your head to pop off.


Web 2.0. What the heck is that? Well when Facebook came out, it turned the Internet on its ear. All those fancy fading-away boxes, search boxes that show your friends names and photos etc – is all called Web 2.0.

We do Web 2.0, which is mostly run with a programming language called JavaScript.  AJAX – meaning ‘asynchronous’ JavaScript (I know… I just lost ya…) allows your webpage to send information back and forth to the web server without making the reader leave the page – or make the page refresh.

In short – JavaScript/AJAX is funky cool-stuff effects that make your website more interactive for your visitors. We do funky cool stuff!


E-Commerce has been around for over 10 years. We can work with you to find a shopping cart or web system to promote and sell your products online. We work with PayPal for payment processing (Visa, Mastercard etc), but have worked with other payment providers (Moneris, Beanstream etc) as well. You want to sell it? We can help you!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are King – well at least Google is.  Everyone asks how can they be #1 in Google, and it’s not easy. We can work with you to assess your Web Marketing needs and we will build your website to be ‘search engine optimized’.

Being #1 in Google is like eating slice of cake – you’re enjoying it, but you have no clue about the effort or ingredients that went into baking it… Call us to find out how we can help your website in the search engines.

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Google is King when it comes to search engines, and the majority of customers use Google in their daily searching & researching for products and services. We can customize a Google PPC campaign that will be affordable for you, and place you in the top searches for your businesses’ products or services.

Now all this depends on what your competition is paying for their campaigns… Google PPC is based on a bidding system, where we would bid to get your ads placed in Google search results. If the bidding is too expensive for certain phrases, we will will work to find you other phrases that will drive customers to your website.

We can customize your daily ad budget to work within what you have available to spend. We also take a modest monthly administration fee to send you reports, tweak campaign settings, and oversee your campaign.

Email Marketing

We have many clients with 100s or 1000s of customers and they want to keep in touch with all of them.  We 3rd party systems such as MailChimp or ConstantContact where your customers can sign up automatically for your mailings. Our system allows you to create your own mailings and set them to go out whenever you want.  Email marketing is a great add-on to traditional marketing, and search engine or social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be overwhelming! Tweet this! – there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining an online social profile. We have tools that can automatically post to Twitter and Facebook when you update your website. Put being Social on autopilot and sit back and enjoy running your business. Ask us how!

Web Advertising (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords)

Some clients want to expand their marketing efforts and take advantage of the millions of people on Facebook and who search in Google every day.  We can work with you to build a custom marketing campaign for 90 to 180 days that will push your website into Facebook and Google based on a specific demographic and/or key phrases.  We can tailor these campaigns to meet your budget, ask us how!