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About Us

Who Are We?

We, is actually me – Rob Dunsmuir, and a number of fantastic, talented, quirky and caffeine-addicted programmers & graphic designers make up Custom Coding Group (CCG for short, or legally CCG Internet Development Ltd).

I’ve been involved with computers since the age of 8, where I learned to program in my first language, BASIC on my Vic20 and Commodore64. Speed ahead 30 years; I am a graduate from Camosun College’s Computer Systems Technology (CST) program (2001) with Co-op Distinction, and recipient of the Yvonne Thompson Page award (I started my own web company in 2nd year and employed a number of fellow students, giving them co-op jobs for the summer).

Not to toot my own horn much more, but I should mention I was also recipient of Camosun College’s Most Promising Alumni Award in 2003, and also asked to be keynote speaker for Camosun College’s CST Symposium (2005,2006). No… I’m not on Camosun’s payroll 🙂 But they sure were good to me. I like to support local, and give thanks to local whenever I can.

Where Did We Come From?

After graduating from Camosun College, I started my first web company, River End Consulting Ltd. (River End – not River And, not River Bend…) This is where I gained massive experience in web programming in PHP, with mySQL databases, excessive E-commerce, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Web System development. I partnered with a fellow Camosun student and we ran River End together until 2008. I took a small hiatus, and tried a few other businesses – but was quickly reminded that my love was for the Internet and programming.

I incorporated CCG in 2011 and decided to take a turn from traditional web programming (websites etc), and decided to program web games, web apps, and web systems. I’ve even done a little iPhone and Android development.  Don’t get me wrong, I love building websites, but it’s like having chicken for dinner EVERY night of the week, it can get a little tedious.

What are We Passionate About?

I’m passionate about computers, the Internet, and my clients. I aim for every client to have a website that meets their business needs and yet delivers a professional and ‘WOW factor’ experience to their customers. I enjoy building systems that make having a website easier (and less expensive) – so my clients can focus on doing what they are passionate about, and leave the techy stuff to me and my team.

How Can You Hire Us?

We’re relatively easy to get a hold of, just call or email us from our contact page. I can meet with you at your home, place of business or local coffee shop (Green Tea, double double for me).